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Tour 1 - Bulgarian Soul

Tour 2 - Natural Paradise

Tour 3 - A piece of History with Rose Flavor

Tour 4 - A true Sense of Bulgaria - Rose Oil, Thracian Wine and natural Yogurt

Tour 5 - The Land of the Old Craftsmen


In The Kingdom of Bulgarian Wines - variant 1

In the kingdom of Bulgarian Wines - variant 2

Festival of Roses

Golf Tour

UNESCO Heritage in Bulgaria







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Monuments under UNESCO Protection


Hunting and Fishing

Folklore and Crafts



Rose and Rose Oil

Mineral Springs



Culture and History

Wine and Tastings


Hunting and Fishing

 One of the oldest human activities is hunting.  In the past it has been a source of food, clothing and guarantee for development and survival of the human race. Hunting game by means of providing food and clothing to the family, become a privilege of the rich people, sport and hobby.   Hunting scenes are recreated in paintings, sculptures, poems, stories, novels, and theater and film productions. Hunting trophies adorn the interiors of our homes, and possession of rich hunting collections, is a matter of honor for many natural history museums around the world.   Hunting tourism in Bulgaria has a long tradition, governed by law from the 19th century onwards. Organized hunting tourism in Bulgaria began in the early 60s in the hunting areas of the forest, where are provided a wonderful environment for business meetings, family hiking and equestrian tourism, photo-safari, as well as visit of natural and historical sites in the vicinity. The most modern and harmless hunting’s forms are photo-hunting and photo-safari.

The hunting territory of Bulgaria consists of 500 square kilometers. A total of 54 hunting areas for international hunting have been created in the country.  Here in Bulgaria hunting is offered in special areas, licensed by the government for services of international clients.   These areas abound in a different game and they are located near the capital and near the second largest city of Plovdiv. Distance from Sofia or from Plovdiv to the respective hunting areas is approximately 15 to 20km.

 Classifying the following areas:

Hunting area “Botevgrad”- 50 km from Sofia. Game: mouflon, wild boar, deer.

Hunting area “Studena”- 30 km from Sofia, Vitosha Mountain. Game: hind, wild boar, deer, woodpecker, partridge, pheasant, quail.  

Hunting area “Ihtiman” – between Plovdiv and Sofia. Game: wild boar, deer. Also you can enjoy fishing in the lake.

Hunting area “Vitinya”- near by Sofia. Game: wild boar, deer, roe deer, and others.

According to recent censuses, hunting wild game wealth of Bulgaria is represented by 18 975 red deer, 4 200 fallow deer, 69 795 hinds, 1 799 wild bears, 46 400 wild boards, over 930 bears, 2 386 capercaillie, rabbits, partridges, pheasants, and 2 066 mouflon. Very well are developed the new populations of deer and mouflon, as one of the best specimens were shot in our country.

For the purposes of international hunting tourism is build a wide network of hunting lodges, shelters, cabins, including about 110 homes and hunting lodges with more than 1 100 beds, operated by highly qualified personnel and hunting guides.

All trophies, obtained in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be evaluated by the committee, appointed by the state forest department in individual areas, assessment of hunting trophies on the formulas of CIC. All trophies must be registered in the State Forestry, State Hunting area and objects of Art. 11, par. 2 of the Low of Hunting and Game protection in the place of their production.

Probably the most widely practiced sport in the world is fishing. Fishing is still a major occupation of individuals for food and livelihood, but for millions around the world it is a sport and a passionate hobby.   It is one of the best drugs against “modern scourge”- stress. It brings incredible emotion and leave unforgettable memories.  Fresh air, beautiful scenery, friendly people…

Fish wealth of Bulgaria is large and diverse and annually they are produced and displaced about 500 000 fishes for stocking reservoirs and watersheds for sport fishing.  There are opportunities for fishing of brackish water species such as: carp, trout, catfish, perch, whitefish, maple, common nase and others. Object for fishing in the Black Sea are cod, turbot, sea bass, laffer, umbrina cirrosa, sea mullet, golden gray mullet, leaping mullet and others.