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Tour 1 - Bulgarian Soul

Tour 2 - Natural Paradise

Tour 3 - A piece of History with Rose Flavor

Tour 4 - A true Sense of Bulgaria - Rose Oil, Thracian Wine and natural Yogurt

Tour 5 - The Land of the Old Craftsmen


In The Kingdom of Bulgarian Wines - variant 1

In the kingdom of Bulgarian Wines - variant 2

Festival of Roses

Golf Tour

UNESCO Heritage in Bulgaria







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Monuments under UNESCO Protection


Hunting and Fishing

Folklore and Crafts



Rose and Rose Oil

Mineral Springs



Culture and History

Wine and Tastings

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Culture and History

Whether you connect the cultural tourism only with visits and examination of historical and cultural attractions? Hardly.

Cultural tourism shows us architectural monuments, relics, museums, customs, traditional crafts, historic and modern technical monuments, cuisine, language. Immerses us in the natural history and human cultural heritage, art and philosophy, and introduce us to the characteristics of the different regions. The trip is a memory of the past, our life in the present and the expected future. And we have a lot to show you. A journey through the ancient history of the Bulgarian lands- Thracian culture and architecture, medieval mysticism, Bulgarian national revival way of life, modern life of the 21th century.

The millenary Bulgarian history surprises anyone, who first visited it, with it over 40,000 historical monuments- 7 of which are in UNESCO World Heritage list, 36 culture reserves, 160 monasteries, 330 museums and galleries. All the people have lived in these lands- Thracians, Bulgarians, Slavs-left their mark in world cultural treasure-house. From antiquity and the early Middle Ages are many of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments. Famous worldwide are Varna Necropolis dated 4000 BC, which had kept the oldest polished gold, Thracian tombs and sanctuaries in Kazanlak, Sveshtari, Starosel, Alexandrovo, and also the multiple Thracian gold treasures, cherished worldwide.  

We, the Bulgarians give the world our calendar, the Slavic-Bulgarian translation of the sacred books, the Madara Horseman, and the first Slavic alphabet, created by the Brothers Cyril and Methodius, who are announced by the church as patrons of Europe. We will show you Great Sofia, Plovdiv and the Roman Empire, the Black Sea coasts, the Valley of the Kings between Stara Planina and Sredna Gora, where they keep many of the Thracian culture monuments, Kamenno Sarce- the area between Sliven and Stara Zagora, where gushing the mineral springs, the big mountains Rila and Pirin with the famous ski resorts Borovets and Bansko, and also the Bicentennial houses in Arbanassi.  In January we will take you to the Mummer Festival in Pernik and Dupnitsa, or in authentic folklore festival in Koprivshtitsa in May-June, and why not to a celebration at the seaside in Balchik and Sozopol in August. We will take you the unique open-air museum of crafts in Etar, where in front of you they will come to life crafts like wool scouring on the river, combing by hands, spinning with spindle, dyeing with natural dye in the yard, weaving of horizontal home loom etc. You can also watch the kneading of bread and it baking in the oven with charcoal, making yoghourt, preparation of butter, smoking plums, cooking beans in a pot, making jam etc.

 We will welcome you through our old custom with bread, salt and honey, and bouquet of geranium.